About Us

BZ, Black Mamba, AP

Hey guys!
We (as in the three of us, your hosts AP, BZ, and Black Mamba) of The Hate Journals Podcast are excited to announce the launch of our sweet baby. This podcast is a general summary of the shit that gets us fired up. With a mix of our quip commentary, hilarious stories and infuriating tales, the three of us will deliver weekly episodes in journal entry form.

We are a group of gals who are sick of the “positive vibes only” movement and are here to keep it “100”. We love good vibes as much as the next group, but not in the form of sacrificing your “best life”.

We are hoping to grab an audience that wants to feel like they are kickin’ it with a few of their girlfriends, relaxing, laughing and talking a little shit here and there.

As a group, we bring all our very different/similar backgrounds to give you some food for thought, some laugh attacks and some “hell yes!” moments.

We get real, we get nice, we get mad, we get funny.

Enjoy ladies and possibly some gents!

Mad love,

AP, BZ, Black Mamba